Al-Manshoor is the manifesto for the liberation of Pakistan and Afghanistan to establish peace and civilization in the region. And it is our answer to the evil designs of the Jewish-Christian Zionists and the American-led aggression against the Muslim World. The political party to implement this manifesto has been named, on the name of the manifesto, as Pakistan Al-Manshoor Party.



Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor

F.C. College Movement

To take back the College

From an American church And

The Coming of Revolution in Pakistan

 And its catalytic role in the spiritual transformation and new political orientation of the Muslim world, Its role in creating a worldwide understanding that Zionism is basically a flawed ideology and has proved to be catastrophic for the world civilization and therefore has to be dismantled, Its role in expelling American-led West which includes Israel from the Muslim Lands, Its role in triggering a new worldwide movement for American and Israeli WMD disarmament, And its role in developing and introducing a ‘New Political Technology’ to accomplish these tasks

-An Introduction

Foreword To Al-Manshoor

The problems mankind confronts today far surpass the confines of any framework actually in place or ideologically embedded in the minds of its believers anywhere in the world. Face to face with this situation, the world is rich in knowledge and there can hardly be any excuse on anybody’s part of its non-availability. But knowledge exists in pieces. It is sectional and sectarian. Making a whole out of it, after the fall of communism, is now overdue. We need to define once again what the present world is and why it is what it is. We need to define once again our destination – our manzil. In trying to do my part of these tasks, I continue to ponder, what else is the path except Satyagraha – our “holding onto truth”? But for that – to hold onto “truth” -- it has to be discovered, perhaps more often again and again, as it does not always lie ready made on the shelf. All these considerations, apart from if any others, have determined what I have written in this manifesto.

More often the visible as well as potential possibilities for the good of mankind remain un-availed and untapped because societies, on their own, cannot produce good political leaders. Societies, by default, produce demagogues. And if there happens to be an exception, the way political leaders reach the top is not helpful. If dictatorship is not the solution, democracy is vulnerable to manipulation. That problems are not foreseen and tackled in advance shows that existing political parties are bad training institutes for political leaders. Normally, political parties perpetuate and resist change. If at all they are part of the solution, they are definitely also a part of the problem. Looking from peoples’ side, it is just gamble who gets himself imposed on them. Therefore criminals do reach the top and play havoc with humanity.

A conscious intervention is required. A catalyst from outside the political arena is, perhaps, the need of the hour. On behalf of mankind, concerned men and women of resources must ponder and assemble to create the required infrastructure for investing heavily to educate the best of heart and mind children for future political roles. With present accumulated knowledge, experience and available technical capabilities, therefore, it is perhaps the time for something new not yet named.

The question is what to teach such best of heart and mind children? The answer, obviously, is ‘truth’ and integrating its pieces into a whole. Here perhaps lies the way to solutions for mankind’s problems which are becoming more and more complex.

Within this overall human context lies our specific reality – what we are today. And conscious of our responsibilities to continue to seek after ‘truth’, to discover ‘truth’ and hold onto it and act accordingly, we launch our struggle which has been quite elaborately enunciated in this manifesto.

It is the time of defeat and end of Western/American imperialism. It is the time of defeat of Israel and the end of Zionism. It is the time of defeat of capitalism but not the victory of any known ideology and therefore of ‘socialism’, for example. And here, at home, in the subcontinent, it is the time of defeat of the ideologies built on the Hindu-Muslim Divide.

Anti-India Pakistan is an abnormality. An abnormality, in nature’s scheme of things, must vacate the stage for normality. Therefore by being anti-India, Pakistan loses its right and justification to exist. But the British and American imperialisms have been the basic cause for the transformation of Pakistan into what it is today. And further, American and Pakistani intervention for the last thirty years or so in Afghanistan has made the present of Pakistan and Afghanistan intertwined. At the moment, they are drowning together. Therefore, their future cannot be separated. Inshaallah, that time is not very far when they will swim together.

Any political act, therefore, which is right in Pakistan, will be right in Afghanistan. And any right political act in Pakistan or Afghanistan has to begin with the preparation to expel Imperialism from the region. And this manifesto precisely intends to do that. This manifesto is the Liberation Manifesto for Pakistan and Afghanistan. And this manifesto, hereby, proclaims a struggle to establish Peace and Civilization in Pakistan and Afghanistan and thus contribute our share from this region in fighting evil in the world. Therefore, “we will consider as if the Durand Line has evaporated in the air, as if it never existed.”

What has been written is not all. But more than this would have further delayed our finding a new way out from the present impasse the country is mired in.

In addition to what has been written in this work, I have also included my earlier two works as parts of this manifesto. They are:

  1. Why Israel will not get Recognition?: A study which finds the inevitability of the death of Israel and the end of Zionist ideology somewhere during the decline of American imperialism which is already underway [Second Edition, January 2008]
  1. The Question of Kashmir [April, 2002]

This is the First Draft of Al-Manshoor. What has not been said and new questions which are expected to come up in the days to come would be answered accordingly, inshaallah, during our struggle.I want to specifically note here that right at this moment, Israel’s invasion on Gaza continues.

Manzoor Ahmad Manzoor January04, 2009